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Avandel Guitars - Based in Wales, Avandel Guitars is a manufacturer of high quality
handmade acoustic guitars. Our guitars are produced to order offering our clients enormous flexibility in design
and choice of material, at a very reasonable price.
Bagpipes - Offering comprehensive information for everything relating to Scottish bagpipes and Pipe Bands, including the latest news, results and learning for competition success.
Melodions Online - Created to offer a wider selection of hand picked melodeons (and now harmonicas as well - See Weltmeister) Melodeons Online bring to you a great range of melodeons to suit every taste and pocket.
Michael J King - Maker of Anglo Saxon Lyres, Finnish Kanteles, Stick Dulcimers, Parlour Guitars, Ukuleles, Epinette des Vosges, Moraharpas, Icelandic Fidlas and Welsh Crwth.
Phil Bleazey - Maker of woodwinds of the flute family (Transverse flutes, recorders, whistles and low whistles) for customers all over the world. Instruments are based on originals from as early as the 13th century, including his own versions of the Gottingen recorder and Dordrecht recorder, He also makes flutes and recorders based on those from the Renaissance period as well as his own designs of flute, whistle,low whistle and recorder for use by todays traditional musicians.
UK Autoharps - The aim of UK Autoharps is to promote the knowledge of and interest in the Autoharp and to help and encourage the development and playing skills of all the members.