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Apotropaios - The purpose of this site is to present and gather information on a rather unusual range of objects that can be discovered hidden within the walls and under the floors of old buildings.
Cornish Folklore Society - The Cornish Folklore Society was formed by a group of writers, artists and musicians to promote Cornwall's wealth of myth, legend and fable to a world audience.
Robin Hood Bold Outlaw Of Barnsdale And Sherwood - This Robin Hood site offers a large amount of historical and legendary information on the stories of Robin Hood, England's best-loved outlaw, and his band of Merry Men.
South East London Folklore Society - SELFS has had talks on a wide range of subjects, from local folklore and paranormal events such as Greenwich ghosts and earth mysteries, the Deptford Jack-in-the-Green, Southwark witch trials and May Day customs & sacred sites in south London to an eclectic range of talks covering our interests of ‘paganism, folklore, forteana, high-strangeness and the occult.’
Sylvia Kent - As a freelance writer and journalist of many years, I’ve tackled a variety of topics close to heart and home. I have written more than 800 articles linked to food and wine-making, countryside and gardening, health and fashion for national magazines and journals in England and overseas.