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Avon Folk Diary - Club listings and what's on in the Bristol area.
Bagpipe Society - The membership of the Society is made up of people who are interested in the music of the bagpipes, the playing of the instruments and also a growing number of instrument makers who produce a wide range of instruments.
Bonny Green - We have many business and leisure interests which we would like to share with you.
British High Commission - "...putting English Tradition in the hearts and minds of the people of England."
The English Folk Dance & Song Society - publishes English Dance & Song Magazine and the Folk Music Journal and is trustee of The Vaughan Williams
Memorial Library - international multi-media archive of traditional music, dance and song - at Cecil Sharp House.
Flaxey Green - South Devon folk musicians, folk music, ceilidhs and more! If you are looking for live folk music for an event you are organizing, want to join an informal pub session, go to a concert, festival or barn dance flaxey green can help.
Folk Art Center - Our vision of the world is one where people can overcome geographic, social, technological and economic barriers and fully participate in the beauty of folk arts.
Folklore Society - Look here for the folklore of traditional music, song, dance and drama, narrative, arts and crafts, customs and belief, popular religion, traditional and regional food, folk medicine, children's folklore, traditional sayings, proverbs, rhymes and jingles.
Folktrax - Folktrax are an online resource centre for those interested in traditional musics and cultures. Their aim is to promote awareness and enjoyment of musics, dances, customs and traditions.
Halsway Manor - England's only residential centre for traditional music, dance, song and crafts.
Kent Folk - is for live music in Kent!
Klondike Folk Arts - Our mission is to champion traditional and contemporary folk music and traditional culture generally within North Yorkshire and Teesside.

Lost Trails - Our main activity is the Herodotus Project - a free serialised new translation of the Greek historian Herodotus along with extensive photography of the locations and artifiacts mentioned in the book.
Oxfordshire Folk Association - All sorts of traditional dance and music activities happening in Oxfordshire.
South Riding Folk Network - Promoting the folk arts in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.
Traditional Arts Projects - TAPS is the result of a Southern Arts project begun in 1989 to establish a folk development agency for the Southern region. Breaking down cultural and stylistic barriers and working towards a new inclusive English identity through the delivery of: community events and participation / education work at all levels / skills training for individuals and groups / professional development and touring.
Time - offers a wealth of historical and travel information for anyone interested in visiting Britain -- whether in person or from your armchair!