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American Expats - Welcome to the American Expats website.

Back In Blighty - Everything for the British Expat

Britannia News & Virtual British Village - Meet fellow British folks in a friendly atmosphere. Chat in the Tearoom or the Tavern. Search for messages and recipes in the forums. Keep in touch with the British way of life. Read the library of articles from Britannia magazine. Choose and name your own cottage.

British Club Worldwide - All things British for Brits everywhere


British Embassy Ljubjlana - Welcome to the British Embassy website.

British Expat - What's on the British Expat website? Well, you'll find some of the best writing around from our regular authors. But there's much, much more - the British Expat Forum and In-Country Forum, free webmail, a weekly newsletter, classifieds, eBooks, eCards... The list goes on and on!

British Expats - Overseas Property TV (launching in the UK September) is seeking Brits who have retired or want to retire abroad. Find out more about the country of your choice and get some tips from our experts about making your dream a reality!

British Expat Supplies - Welcome to britishEXPATsupplies, an on-line store providing British based foods and products directly to customers' doorsteps around the world.

Brits Abroad - A place for ex-pats and those interested in British culture

Brits Abroad! - Welcome to the 'BRITS ABROAD' Website, the award winning website (See 'About Brits Abroad') for British people who have emigrated abroad, who are working abroad or have retired abroad. We maintain a great respect for Britain, its heritage, and all it stands for in the world today.
We are situated in Rosedale, British Columbia, on Canada's west coast.

Brits Away - Welcome to the Brits Away website.

Contact Expats - Contact Expats worldwide through our network for people choosing a new life in a foreign country.

Easy Expat - Practical and up to date information for Expatriates: Careers & Jobs, Move, Taxes, Accommodation, Healthcare, International Schools, Childcare, Repatriation, Social Life...

Euro E xpats - Welcome to the Euro Expats website.

Expat Blog - Share your expat experience and find out how is life on the other side of the planet.

Expat Communities - A directory of more than 110 countries with sizeable English-speaking (and usually international as well) expatriate communities. English-language websites, organizations, online forums, meetups, local newspapers, and books of interest to current and potential expatriates.

Expat Exchange - Hello and welcome to - the community website created for and by expatriates and internationally minded people everywhere.

Expat Files - This is an independent website dedicated to the development of an online community for both expats still abroad and those who have returned.

Expat Focus - For anyone moving or living abroad.

Expat Network - Expat Network - is a comprehensive resource for expatriates living and working abroad. - Hello and welcome to - the community website created for and by expatriates and internationally minded people everywhere.

Expats - We are a free source of information for British expatriates, contracting or living overseas, almost a UK expats yellow pages, also with an overseas recruiter database, country information with links relevant to British expats (and any other English speaking ex-pats).

Expats Abroad - Welcome to Expats Abroad, the expats network where expatriots living, working or studying abroad can keep in touch. - Welcome to the website.

Expats Direct - Expats Direct - Working abroad, jobs abroad, overseas jobs.

Expats In Italy - You just came back from a wonderful vacation in Tuscany and you decide, "that’s it, I’m moving to Italy!"

Expats Reunited - Reuniting friends and families all over the world.

Expat Telegraph - Welcome to the Expat Telegraph website.

Fly The Flag - This is a new section dedicated to the many English (and British!) ex-pats living abroad. Initially our aim is to compile a country by country index and guide to pubs, bars restaurants and businesses run by ex-pats in different parts of the world.

Home Comforts Online - We are a family business providing expats with a taste of England - all the things you miss from home - such as Walkers Crisps, Cadburys chocolate, PG Tips, McVities Biscuits and loads more besides. Delivery Worldwide.

Homeward Bound - Homeward Bound is a company that helps people coming back to Britain after living abroad.

Little England - ... the meeting point for all feeling homesick when thinking of England.

Meetup - Find British Expats and British Expats Meetups near you…

Missing Britain - What do you really miss about Britain?

Open Directory - Welcome to the Open directory website.

Spain Expat - Spain Expat is the leading independent information site specifically for expats moving to Spain or already living here.

Tales From A Small Planet - Welcome to the premier resource for Brit & Irish businesses and ex-pats around the world.

The - Welcome to the premier resource for Brit & Irish businesses and ex-pats around the world. - We have left home for many reasons, to study, to work or maybe to be with family. Whatever your reason for leaving, whether you love it or hate it, are here for good or going back tomorrow, Britnet is here for you.